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The cost of buying a house in Italy can seem elevated compared to other parts of Europe or the UK; nevertheless with careful planning and preparation you can save money.
Sicily still offer good opportunities especially if compared with other Italian regions like Tuscany or Venice.
Perhaps lots of people think to find properties at 1/3 of properties in those regions; unfortunately this is not entirely true.
Especially among the coast property prices in Sicily are on the rise and we doubt there will be a reduction. We believe prices in Sicily to be 20% less than Tuscany generally speaking.

Do not forget that Sicily is one of the best holiday spot for north Italian, who love to spend at least August on Sicilian beaches, away from the stress of metropolis like Rome or Milan. Italian first, but also Germans, Norwegians, Swedish and few American have bought properties in Sicily especially in the latest 5 years.
So prices along the coast are high also because font of income during summer seasons. It is also true that if you push yourself few miles up the hills (literally) you will find deals you could never imagine. Even this will not longer last, people are looking to invest everywhere this days.

There is usually between 10-20% of purchase tax depending on type of property, this tax however comes down to 3/4% if you are resident or plan to become so within 18 months of final contract.
Then there are notary fees to consider, these again vary between 1-4% depending on the price of the property, higher for cheaper propertie.
Stamp duties are payable at 1% of the declared price ( the actual value of the property may in some cases be up to 50% lower than the declared price )

Please note:
Prices shown on properties do not include Sicilian Homes fees or any taxes due. It also does not include other fees such as legal, planning and technical etc. etc. Particulars produced in good faith, but do not constitute part of a contract. Prices quoted are subject to market and currency conditions and sometimes whims of owners. Properties are also subject to prior sales. To the best of SICILIAN HOMES Ltd knowledge they are available at these prices on the day of publication on this web site.




Sicilian Homes - Properties for Sale to Rent - Dream Home Investments - Welcome in Sicily

This breathtaking island at the foot of Italy has unspoiled beauty with the mountains coming down to the sea to create panoramic views quite unmatched in the rest of Italy.