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Sicilian Homes is not a estate agency, we are a Property Search Company to help you find your dream home in Sicily.
The process of buying property abroad can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with the local language, custom and in some cases the various regional dialects, and no where is this more true than in Sicily which is why we aim to help you get through this maze.
Guiding you from the onset to make well informed decisions with the help of our expertise.
We offer various services to those wishing to buy a house in Sicily and the Aeolian islands.


    PRP --- Pre-purchase

  • Registration of your requirements i.e. area, budget and timescale
  • Search of suitable properties
  • Help with arranging your viewing visit
  • Accompany you to property viewing to assist with translation and to explore your different options
  • Negotiate and submit an offer
  • Advice and assist with completion of necessary documentation and paperwork
  • Help with obtaining codice fiscale ( much like a national insurance number)
  • Assistance with opening an Italian bank account and applying for a mortgage

    PP --- Post-purchase

  • Help with applications for Planning Permission
  • Arrange for architects, geometer's and builders where required ( this can be done by us, we can provide a full project management service)
  • Follow works on your behalf to make sure works are carried to your satisfaction and within the agreed time scale and budget.
  • Help with connection to vital utilities i.e. electricity , gas, water etc.

    PPP --- Post- purchase plus

  • Facilitate property maintenance
  • Assist with renting out your property
  • Search for good local schools to those who require it
We are always available to offer our assistance and guidance whenever you may need it, as we understand how daunting it can be to settle in a new country.




Sicilian Homes - Properties for Sale to Rent - Dream Home Investments - Welcome in Sicily

This breathtaking island at the foot of Italy has unspoiled beauty with the mountains coming down to the sea to create panoramic views quite unmatched in the rest of Italy.