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Let us establish a few points on the buying process:
First we strongly recommend a visit to Sicily, whether it is for a short break or longer. This will give you an idea of where you want a house and that will make our job of searching a property for you easier and quicker.
If you have not visited Sicily you could arrange your first visit and some viewing of properties together (see viewing trip), but make sure you have at least 5 days.
There is so much to see and do, that you would not want to waste time looking just at properties.

It is easier for us to get the ball rolling if you have been to Sicily and know what you are looking for.
Have a look at our properties on this web site: these are just a few samples and are not comprehensive of all the options we have on our books. Give us a call and we will match your criteria and budget with what is available. If your criteria is not matched by any property which is on our books, we will do our best to find something for you.

There are no registration fees.
Sicilian Homes is a property search company that aims to find the right property for its clients. Once we find it and you want to go ahead, we will start the buying process. No fee is still required for the negotiation which will be conducted by us under your instructions, unless otherwise specified. We do our best to verify that any property we deal with has no legal or technical problems, to avoid wasting both your time and ours. However we cannot guarantee this.

At this stage you may want to see the property, (see viewing trip), and if you are happy and ready to purchase the property we can go to the next stage. Before signing the Compromesso or Preliminary Contract you will be asked to sign a contract with Sicilian Homes and you will be asked to pay a percentage of our fee. From this moment we will be your link to Sicily.

We will tell you all is that is needed to finalize the purchase, help with Italian bureaucracy, and update you on the timescale, which usually takes 3 to 5 months to be completed.

By that time the local notaio (notary) should finalize the rogito or final contract (completion) and you will come down to Sicily to sign it.
We can be present at the time of signing the Preliminary Contract and the Final Contract. If needed we will open to you our book of contacts for anything you may need for the property, architects, builders, cleaners…. As part of our extra services we can follow the renovation project where needed.We do understand that every client has different needs, so the above is just a simplification and different arrangements can be made to suit our client’s needs.

Contact us for further details and information.




Sicilian Homes - Properties for Sale to Rent - Dream Home Investments - Welcome in Sicily

This breathtaking island at the foot of Italy has unspoiled beauty with the mountains coming down to the sea to create panoramic views quite unmatched in the rest of Italy.