Planning Process

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The Italian bureaucracy is well known around the world. Asking for a planning permission can be time consuming, especially if you do not follow the standard procedure through the 3 different bodies that regulate the matter.
In fact the only difference with the UK or other countries is that in Italy, if you apply for planning permission you have to get all your paperwork ready before you lay down the first brick.

For a planning permission to renovate an old barn, you should consider that it may take up to six months from the date of presentation of application. Unless of course something goes wrong, which, may delay the process.

If you are doing interior renovation you do not need to apply for full planning permission, a letter to the major communicating the starting date and nature of work should be enough, but only if you are not making modifications to the structure of the building.We always suggest getting a local architect or geometra to deal with planning application of any type to avoid delays.
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This breathtaking island at the foot of Italy has unspoiled beauty with the mountains coming down to the sea to create panoramic views quite unmatched in the rest of Italy.